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Termie's Pal Spark's Buck99 Special!
Screw the Competition Classified Ad Placement.

Hey Y'all, I'm Termie the Termite from I'm the little fucking devil when it comes to the classifieds on the internet. My Pal Spark's here has a quick way to get your ad listed out in the Classifieds.

Already have your ad somewhere? Now promoting it is the key factor to getting it SOLD. From only 1.99 get your ad listed on an searched from 100's of Classified Trader sites across the internet from 1 spot. If you posted an item on the internet now get it listed with the Classified Trader. A system that Trades classified ads to many different web sites. Your ad will display somewhere in "The Classified Trader" Menu

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Do to scammers we require photos be sent via link or email.